An invisible liquid jewel, the perfume IDENTITY by D.N.A

An invisible liquid jewel, the perfume IDENTITY by D.N.A

The term "perfume" is derived from the Latin word perfumáre, or to SMOKE. Smell is the sensory perception of chemical substances that evokes pleasant or repulsive feelings. Why is it so important for the brand D.N.A and TIMME to have an identical fragrance that all their products smell like? What should we consider when choosing fragrances if we want a long-lasting perfume? And how is such a perfume made? We have prepared all this for you in the following article!

Liquid invisible jewel
Perfume has been used as a fashion accessory since time immemorial, fragrances are also an integral part of reviving our memories. It has been proven that our brain associates an experience or visualization of a certain person with a particular smell, which it inextricably associates with that smell, and whenever we smell it, the memory returns to us. Therefore, carefully choose your perfume for the first date, and if you want your loved one to never forget you, take it to the first meeting, for example, to the pigsty.

With perfume, we can influence people's moods, personality perception, shopping experience or, for example, even such a specific matter as the impression of a film performance. Remember that it certainly happened to you more than once that you smelled a beautiful aroma in the theater and it all created a cozy and pleasant atmosphere during the performance. Perfumes are part of the presentation in many sectors of the fashion industry, but also in business or in the food industry. Perfumes are added to food, leather products have their signature scent, and even pets have their own perfumes. It is no exaggeration to say that perfume rules the world.

Perfume production
The way perfumes are made is the same chemical process as the production of alcoholic beverages or medicines, only the result is slightly more fragrant. The cosmetic industry uses plant essential oils as the most common building components.

The procedures for the production of perfumes are as follows – evaporation, cooling, filtration, work carried out after distillation, storage, testing of aromatic substances, extraction, enfleurage, pressing, composition of fragrances. These procedures are so complex and unique that making a perfume takes a lot of time and patience, it's rocket science, so it pays to wait for a good perfume, like a good wine.

Perfume, perfumed water, eau de toilette, cologne...
These are terms that many of you are sure to know, but do you understand their correct meaning?

Perfumes consist of three basic components – water, alcohol and fragrance ingredients. The mutual ratio of these substances then indicates the strength of the perfume, its durability and, by the way, the price. The perfumes with the highest concentration of the fragrance mixture are of course the most expensive!

The presence of alcohol is essential in perfume, it ensures the absorption of the fragrance into the skin and also its release into the environment. By the way, it is the contact of alcohol with the skin that causes each perfume to smell slightly different on another person. This is due to the fact that each of us has our own specific musk. Which is actually nice, because the same perfume can smell slightly different on you and your friend, so you don't have to be reluctant to buy the same perfume. But be careful, sometimes it happens that the perfume does not smell good at all when in contact with a specific musk. 

Abbreviations EdC, EdT and others - what do they mean?
The content of aromatic essences in a perfume therefore determines what type of fragrance it is and, in addition, also affects the resulting price. At this level, perfumes are divided into a total of five basic groups.

Eau Fraîche – 1-3% fragrance essences
Eau de Cologne (EdC) – 2-4% fragrances
Eau de Toilette (EdT) – 5-15% fragrance essences
Eau de Parfum (EdP) – 15-20% fragrances
Perfume (P) – up to 20-30% of fragrance ingredients
(with 30% fragrance ingredients, ours, IDENTITY, also belongs to the category of perfumes)

When it comes to perfume fashion, we personally think that fads are not worn here. Czechs are generally a more conservative nation, and our experience says that they typically choose one type of perfume that they wear for years and are not too open to change. But what is adapting to the times is the orientation towards unisex perfumes, when the strict selection of purely women's or men's fragrances is giving way. Furthermore, modern perfumes are starting to be combined or layered. If you have two that are similar in type, you can combine them to create your own unique scent. The trend is also to look for unusual and less used ingredients in the composition. 

"Discover a seductive elixir that will captivate you, give you energy and sex-appeal. IDENTITY perfume is a fresh floral-fruity scent that will make you feel like an irresistible goddess. Life is not just about coming, shining and leaving. It has to be about you to speak. You must leave an impression. Leave your scent in the memory of everyone who passes by and have fun wherever your steps lead."

The elegant bottle of the IDENTITY perfume underlines the uniqueness of its contents. As the basis of the IDENTITY perfume, which will be the signature scent of the entire D.N.A brand, we have chosen French ingredients from the most famous region of France, Provence. The final product is completed by a certified Czech factory.

Fragrance characteristics: Floral - Fruity

Concentration: Perfume 30%

Head: Bergamot, Mandarin, Pear, Cherry

Heart: Jasmine, Tuberose (Nightingale), Ginger

Base: Patchouli, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Musk, Ambergris

The refined composition opens with juicy notes of fresh sour cherries, sweet pears, refreshing mandarins and bergamot, which gives the fragrance an invigorating and calming character. Its heart is made of accords of jasmine, which symbolizes grace and elegance, as well as floral notes of nightshade, and fresh ginger is also part of it. The warm finish consists of patchouli with strong earthy tones that combine with powdery amber, sensual and clean musk, elegant vetiver and sandalwood, which gives the perfume a woody-oriental scent, with an elegantly spicy and delicately balsamic undertone.

The magic of perfume
Perfume is a great gift for birthdays, holidays, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas or just as a gift of love for a loved one. Our significant women's perfume IDENTITY is suitable for everyday fragrance, reach for its charming scent with an evening outfit and it will become an indispensable accessory even on special and festive occasions. The high 30% concentration of fragrances in the IDENTITY perfume will ensure that not only you, but also those around you will smell your perfume throughout the day. Its specific fragrance will captivate you and give you an unforgettable charm.